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Texas License to Carry Course

This is the course required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in order to apply for your License to Carry (LTC). 


Click here to register for this course. 


Click here for a description of the full process to obtain your LTC. 

See our Class Fees for LTC Class pricing.  Veterans and First Responders always receive a 10% discount.


This course provides you with the 4-6 hours of classroom training and the handgun proficiency qualification that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires in order to apply for the Texas LTC.  Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your signed instructor certificate (LTC-100) that you will submit to the state with your license application.

Class Prerequisite

Basic Handgun Proficiency:  The LTC Course is not intended to teach students how to handle or shoot a handgun.  During the shooting portion of the course, you will have to demonstrate that you can safely handle, load, and fire your handgun.

If you need additional training on basic handgun safety prior to taking the LTC course, please visit our Handgun Training Courses link above.

Class Curriculum

The classroom portion of the course will cover four topics.  At the end of the classroom portion, students will take a 25-question quiz.  To pass the course, you will need to score 70% or better:

  • Laws Relating to Weapons and to the Use of Force

  • Handgun Use and Safety

  • Non-violent Dispute Resolution

  • Proper Storage Practices

The shooting proficiency portion of the course will test your ability to safely handle, load, and fire your handgun.  You may qualify with either a revolver or semi-automatic handgun, with .22 caliber or larger ammunition.  The qualification course of fire will consist of 50 rounds fired in three stages.  To pass the course, you will need to score 70% or better:

  • 20 rounds at 3 yards

  • 20 rounds at 7 yards

  • 10 rounds at 15 yards

Click here for more detail on the Course of Fire.

Class Guidelines

  • Safety is the most important aspect of this training.  We want everyone to go home in the same condition as they came!


  • Please do not bring loaded guns into class session.  You will not need a firearm for the classroom portion of the class. Please leave your cased, unloaded handgun locked in your vehicle. If you cannot, please make prior arrangements with instructor. Handguns will not be allowed in possession of students in class.

  • Audio and/or visual recording of the class is not allowed.


  • Texas DPS requires that the class duration must be between 4 – 6 hours.  I will gladly stay afterward for Q&A, but I will need to remain on-topic during the class.  On-topic questions, and questions for clarification are, of course, always welcome.


  • Houston LTC provides all training materials needed for the classroom portion (including note-taking study guide).  Students only need to bring something to write with, and be ready to learn.


  • You must bring a current Photo ID (State of Texas driver’s license or State of Texas ID). If you are not a Texas resident, then you must bring a picture ID from your state of residence.


  • Shooting proficiency

    • Safety is paramount.  Unsafe practices may end your shooting proficiency course.

    • Hearing protection and eye protection are required (prescription glasses are OK).

    • No open-toed shoes, no high heels, please wear long pants for shooting.

    • Collared shirts are recommended.  Caps with a brim are recommended for outdoor shooting.

    • Participants will use a revolver or semi-automatic pistol that is 22 caliber or larger and 50 rounds of new, brass-cased ammunition (no reloads). 

    • You do not have to qualify with your carry gun.  Once you have your LTC you can choose which gun you want to carry independent of what you used for qualification.

    • We will check your handgun to ensure it is safe to operate before shooting begins.

    • If your handgun is not safe to operate, you may use one of mine, or use one from another student, if you wish.

    • You will need to qualify with 50 rounds of ammunition.  Feel free to bring extra if you like.  Please ensure your ammo meets the range guidelines (e.g. the range may not allow steel-case ammo).

    • Shooting proficiency can be scheduled on a different day, depending on each students needs.

    • This course will not teach you how to shoot.  If you need / want instruction on this prior to the shooting of the course, please contact us in advance.

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