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Class Fees

Because we teach private courses all over the Houston area, the range fees vary depending on which range we use for the shooting qualification.  For this reason, we don't 'bake the range fees into our price', rather we allow you to pay the range directly.  This saves you $$ and keeps our pricing more transparent for you.



Texas License to Carry Course

  • Standard price:  $65 + range fees

  • Veterans and first responders:  $55 + range fees

  • LEO:  range fees only (if attending an already-scheduled class with others)

  • Private group classes - 8 person minimum

Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting 

  • $99 for three hours + range fees

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

  • $150 for five hours + range fees

Youth Shooting

  • $30 per hour + range fees (many ranges have free or discounted rates for youth shooters)

  • Parents and/or legal guardian must be present.

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