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HoustonLTC was founded with the following key principles:

Safety:  Every aspect of our training is focused primarily on the safe handling, operation, and storage of your firearms.  Whether you are a beginning or experienced shooter, proper training is essential to honing this skill.

Courtesy:  No tough-talking, tacti-cool ninja types here...just NRA-certified instructors who have years of experience teaching adults in the corporate world + plenty of firearms training experience.  

Education:  Every time we enter the classroom or the range, there is something new to learn.  Our instructors continually learn, whether through our ongoing professional training or from our students.  

It was a super informative class!
Chris, the instructor, is very knowledgeable, and makes sure you understand the material. I highly recommend this class!
MC, Houston
My wife wanted to learn how to shoot my handguns, but I knew that she'd do better learning from someone other than me.  The instructor at HoustonLTC took his time and taught her the basics first, and then worked with her at the range on all the basics of shooting.
Unfortunately, now I need to go get some range time.  She shoots better than me!

CR, Bellaire

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